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Breeding - litter A

On May 23, 2012 gave our ASUKA birth to 10 puppies. 6 boys and 4 girls.

boy: Aki, Akio, Akito, Akihiro, Arashi, Akinori

girl: Aiko, Akemi, Akiko, Asami

Both parents are typical representatives of the breed, having a great exterior, beautiful head, perfect conformation with a strong and massive bone structure, have a quiet and balanced character and excellent health outcomes (mother: HD-A, ED-A, OCD-negat., father: HD-A, ED-A, OCD-negat.)

Our puppies meet the requirements of high-quality recovery of blood of Tosa Inu breed because in their pedigree is NOT the line of Meiyo Buke (brothers Shakuhachi Imperial's Akagi and Shakuhachi Imperial's Mickey 2). Therefore they can be the most appropriate foundation stones for new litters.

We are the only kennel that has puppies with new / exceptional blood lines in the breed that brings our successful dog Chinzei.

Although our puppies have all these excellent conditions it does not mean that they could not only be a family pet.

People who are looking for a puppy only for the lowest price, must go to other kennel.

The price of our puppies corresponds to their quality expectations and health and also their uniqueness.
If you want to have a healthy companion, and you realize that the price correspond to this and you prefer to take a healthy dog for a corresponding price than realise in some time that you have to invest lots of money to maintain at least the good condition of the dog, we welcome you in our kennel.

Any future owner should be aware that the purchase price is only one of the items of expenditures associated with dog ownership and despite the fact that choosing a puppy is one of the most important steps of the owner. When you make a bad choice at the beginning, made only by trying to buy the puppy for the lowest price, and even though you will give to the dog the best care you can, you may be later on frustrated by the health condition or the character quality of the dog, your family member.
We would like to highlight, that the purchase price is a reflection of consciousness of the breeder about the quality of his litters and his kennel.

When a person is sorry or not willing to pay the appropriate amount of money, it means for us that he will not be willing or be able to invest enough money to ensure to the puppy quality life.

The owners of our puppies will surely give us the truth.

Mother: WW'11, C.I.B., Ch. Asuka Maegashira

Asuka is heavy weight female with excellent, spacious movement. She is very sociable and always cheerful, she is fearless and not dominant character. She has a beautiful expressive head, which is typical for the breed Tosa Inu. Her advantages are excellent exterier and perfect physique.

Asuka comes from a line of European and World Winner´s.

Asuka has become a world winner in Paris 2011!


Other alts: 2x very promissing, 13x excellent 1, 1x rCAC, 8x CAC, 6x CACS, 11x CACIB, 4x BOB

Her great-grandfather is beautifull, robust 83 kg heavy weight dog Ramagochi! World winners in her blood line are represented also for example by beautifull, dark red and succesfull dog, imported from Japan to USA, world Winner - Ryoma.

More about Asuka - here

Father: Ch., JCh. Chinzei de Wiele Walie

Chinzei is a dog with a beautifully shaped head, which is typical for male Tosa Inu, has a lively and steadfast temperament, large, deep chest and developed chest, powerful, ground movement and a solid, compact body, including the dorsal line formed of excellence.

Chinzei comes from a line of European and World champions. In his pedigree we find dogs with the alt of European Champion and World Champion.

Chinzei he won the open class at the World Exhibition 2011 in Paris


Other alts:: 2x very promissing, 21x excellent 1, 4x CAJC, 11x CAC, 2x Junior BOB, 1x RCACs, 5x CACs, 6x Res.CACIB, 5x CACIB, 6x BOB, 1x BIG2 and

The bloodlines Chinzeie among them: the world champion which is FIRE MOUNTAIN'S BAD BOY and Higienopolis SUMO and MEGASTHENES AGINJIRO

Chinzei have beautiful expressive head, which is typical for the breed Tosa Inu. He has a lively, friendly and stable temperament, he is very sociable and always cheerful, he is fearless, self confident and not dominant character, excellent exterior, perfect physique, very strong and correct, athletic fundament, strong, powerful and spacious movement

For Chinzei´s blood line is typical spacious deep chest, well-developed forechest and correctly shaped back line.

More about Chinzei - here

Joint success of our breeding couple:
Best couple of the show - Bourg en Bresse, France - II. place

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